Leticia Jimenez
A picture of actress Leticia Jimenez . Supplied

Leticia Jimenez has worked in movies like “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip,” “Pitch Perfect 2” and the TV series “The Originals.” In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia the actress spoke about her career and also about her favourite shows.

Jimenez is currently enjoys watching “Supernatural,” “The Flash,” and “Green Arrow.” “ I am a comic book geek, if you hadn’t noticed, and also a fan of the acting and writing of these shows. I am a huge ‘Supernatural’ fan. I have been watching this show for years. I love the writing and performances of Jared and Jensen. I am a Sam Winchester girl for sure!” she said.

Talking about her experience while working in “The Originals,” the actress described it as a “great experience.” “I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Gillies. He is such a professional and giving actor. While I was on set he bought everyone of the crew ice cream from a nearby local ice cream shop. I thought that was the sweetest thing. He was always so nice and friendly to everyone on set,” she said.

Apart from acting, Jimenez has also worked as a producer for “Jake’s Road,” “Breaking Roses” and “A Good Night.” “ It was such a different role to take on. As a producer you start thinking on multiple levels including business which includes contracts, pay checks and funding among many other tasks; while as an actor you only concentrate on your character development and scenes. I really like the production aspect of filming as well as acting but if I had to make a choice it would definitely have to be acting,” she said.

Jimenez will soon be filming “Disoriented” and “In Search of the Miraculous” with British director, Brian Skeet. “I am extremely excited to work with such a talented and brilliant director/writer. I am a fan of his filming style and can’t wait to be a part of his creation,” she said.

When asked about the kind of roles she would like to take on in the future, Jimenez said that she had no preference. “ I really just want to act and be able to do my craft. I would love to do a comedy at some point. The next couple of films that I will be working on are dramas. That will be a nice change,” she said.