A customer uses an OPTUS internet facility at Sydney International Airport, Australia, November 8, 2015. Reuters/David Gray

Optus Business and Pure Storage announced the launching of All-Flash storage platform on Tuesday. It matches the needs of businesses to scale storage platforms to all types of workloads. It also allows businesses to optimise network performance by accelerating application performance by up to 1,000 times. The platform will be available in both on-cloud and on-premise.

“The launch of Optus All-Flash Storage comes at a significant tipping point in the adoption of All-Flash storage in Australia. Previously, businesses have been slow to adopt All-Flash storage due to perceived costs and complexity,” Optus Business Vice President of Business Technology & Solutions David Caspari said, adding that the new platform could lower storage spend by up to 50 percent. He said that the cost-effective platform was an accessible solution for business IT upgrades.

The new Optus All-Flash storage platform provided features including the reduction of storage footprints and consolidate workload. IT infrastructures and upgrades could be simplified by the platform when the business decides to migrate legacy systems to the cloud. The storage disk system of Optus All-Flash is touted to be a solid storage system that does not use spinning hard disk drives. Instead, it uses multiple flash memory drives -- a type of non-volatile memory. The platform uses a subscription-based ownership model.

Optus All-Flash storage is built on Pure Storage's portfolio. The company's storage solutions portfolio includes FlashArray//M, FlashBlade and FlashStack.

"After years of redefining consumer technology, flash memory is poised to have the same profound impact on enterprises of all sizes and sectors. We are thrilled to build on our strategic alliance with Optus Business to help make the technology more accessible to businesses in Australia and look forward to helping our joint customers gain a data advantage," Pure Storage ANZ country manager Mike Sakalas said.

On Feb. 24, Optus offered a three-month trial subscription to Spotify Premium to its eligible customers. It featured an ad-free on-demand experience complemented with superior sound quality options. The package allowed users to sync their favourite music in their devices so they could play it even without Internet connection.

"Our goal is to connect our customers with the things that matter the most to them. From sport, to TV, movies and music, we want to make it easy for customers to turn their phone into a personal entertainment device. That’s why we’re enriching our partnership with Spotify and bringing a new dimension to our entertainment line up with Spotify Premium.” Optus Director of Product Innovation and Value Added Products Megan Forster said.