Jean-Baptiste Adet
Director of Customer Experience Management at Opentext Corp Jean-Baptiste Adet talks about digital transformation and how it can benefit organisations, employees and customers. Supplied

OpenText Director of Customer Experience Management Jean-Baptiste Adet has shared his insights about how digital transformation can be strategically driven and how it can benefit the workplace. In an email interview with International Business Times Australia, Adet explained how organisations can align themselves to customer needs, thus, providing the best possible experience for the clients.

According to Adet, the digital transformation has reshaped daily connections with machines and instant forms of communication. However, he believes that the typical “workspace experience” for employees is not enough. To get an edge in the increasingly digital world, organisations, Adet said, must take note of the following.

1. Workspace experience has to be frictionless, intuitive and contextual. Employees can be efficient when in use of a work platform that is easy-to-use. Forrester principal analyst David K Johnson in a report indicates that with current innovation in technology and tools, it is now easy to create a workforce computing environment that eliminates obstacles for employees and fosters their creativity. Organisations can take advantage of user-friendly platforms and save on time and money they spend on training employees.

2. Customers wish to be recognised and served in a consistent way. According to Harvard Business Review, customer experience is not just about dealing with individual transactions but also about understanding queries, finding the root cause of customer concerns and seeking the best solutions.

“Don’t expect the customers to visit you, but be wherever they are, and be ready for every connected device they may be using,” he said. Clients of an insurance company require transparency of information. To ensure they are updated on coverage policies, premium payments, libel issues and other insurance-related information, FWD Life Insurance utilises OpenText's solution to communicate with customers. George Wan, vice-president of Information Technology, said it helps them communicate more effectively across different markets and it delivered more savings.

3. User context has to be considered. When a user connects at different times from various locations or devices, it has a meaning. With the help of big data analytics, companies can have a chance to transform such kind behaviours into reallife opportunities such as with Westpac Banking Corporation.

Adet acknowledged that the retail banking industry is getting itself reacquainted with online banking. For Westpac Banking, for instance, big data analytics helps automatically track, audit, report and analyse complex data gathered from its daily transactions. It has sped up regulatory reporting by using OpenText's Analytics solution.

OpenText specialises in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software. The Canadian company offers assistance to organisations in growing their business. Their software solution can help lower costs of operations, reduce information governance and security-related risks.

The company is known for offering solutions like customer communications, digital asset management, workforce optimisation, Tempo web content and marketing optimisation. OpenText is viewed by clients as a leader in EIM. The company is focused on creating ways for organisations to work with information, on-premises or in the cloud.