‘One Punch Man’ season 2: The Monster Association will be the main arc

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One Punch Man
One Punch Man manga chapter 72 that shows The Monster Association. One Punch Man

The “One Punch Man” season 2 is said to focus on the mysterious appearance of monsters and the possibility of Saitama falling in love with someone. On top of this, Saitama will be defeated, so he will have to train more and learn more to increase his strength. It is said that fans should expect enemies more powerful than the ones that were seen in the first season.

The first season of “One Punch Man” ended in 2015. Fans have eagerly waited for its second season. There is no news as to when the second season will be released. However, there are speculations as to what will happen in the second season.

News about “One Punch Man” has recently surfaced. There will be more creatures and an association that will try to defeat Saitama. Reports about Saitama facing new and mysterious creatures in the second season has surfaced. These creatures will be in the way as the hero tries to save the world. They will become a very big problem, so it is speculated that Saitama will have to learn a new skill to be able to defeat all of the mysterious creatures that come along his way.

The Monster Association is said to be behind the appearance of the new and mysterious creatures. The association is formed by group of villains that is led by Psykos. There is no information as to how the group was formed, but it will be the enemy of the Hero Association. However, The Monster Association will apparently play a very important part in the season-long arc that will lead Saitama to train and learn new techniques to stop the enemies.

Beyond the creatures and The Monster Association, it is believed that Saitama will fall in love with a new character that will be introduced in the second season. Fans know that there aren’t a lot of female characters in the first season. Also, he had no interest in any of the female characters.

Saitama will also lose for the first time. Fans know that Saitama was just an ordinary man until he became so strong that he could defeat his enemies with just one punch. Hence, he was named “One Punch Man.” However, in the second season, it is said that he will be going against Garou, who is believed to be the first to defeat Saitama, prompting Saitama to train day and night and learn new skills and techniques for fighting.

According to Mobipicker, the second season of “One Punch Man” is slated to be released some time in mid 2017. However, there is no information as to when the upcoming season will be released.