'Jessica Jones' season 2 update
Actress Krysten Ritter arrives at The Weinstein Company & Netflix Golden Globe After Party in Beverly Hills, California, January 10, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“Jessica Jones” season 2 has some interesting news to share. Alias Investigations will soon be up and running with Krysten Ritter returning as the badass Jessica Jones, who seeks to empower women. And that’s not all of it. All 13 episodes of the series upcoming season will have female directors in the lead.

The same has been confirmed by the show’s executive producer Melissa Rosenberg during Transforming Hollywood’s one-day symposium in October. “All 13 episodes of JessicaJones S2 will be directed by women, EP Melissa Rosenberg says at her transformhwood panel,” reads the tweet from Mo Ryan, a television critic for Variety.

The first season of “Jessica Jones” had three female directors, including Rosemary Rodriguez, Uta Briesewitz and SJ Clarkson directing the first two episodes of the series. As such, it’s quite likely the trio will return for “Jessica Jones” season 2. Having said that, Netflix has yet to reveal which directors have been tapped.

The second season of Jessica Jones will contain an emotional baggage. It was seen in the show’s previous season that Jessica murders Kilgrave (David Tennant), the season’s primary villain and her long-time abuser. It has been alleged she will have to deal with the repercussions of killing her archnemesis in the series’ upcoming season.

“We leave Jessica in a very confused place. Her reason for getting up in the morning was her nemesis, this awful villain and her abuser—and she kills him,” Ritter said earlier in a video interview with Today, which has been posted on YouTube. “And Jessica is not a murderer and she did that, so I think that’s gonna come with a lot of emotional weight and baggage that we’ll see how she deals with it.”

As for the cast, Ritter is sure to be back as Jessica in the series’ second season. Her portrayal as Jessica Jones has garnered appreciation from critics and audiences alike. Another cast confirmed to return in season 2 is Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker. Trish is Jessica’s best friend, who has been helping her to deal with her trauma, while at the same time coping with her own suffering. The bond shared by the two is something Rosenberg wholeheartedly wants to explore more in “Jessica Jones” season 2.

“That is the core relationship in the piece. It is about female friendship, it is about how friends evolve—they’re sisters, really—and it’s about how they evolve and ping off each other,” Rosenberg reportedly told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m interested in relationships, whether they be romantic, or family, or friends, or professional — that’s what’s interesting to me, is Jessica in relationship to people.”

It has also been alleged David Tennant’s character could potentially return in the series’ upcoming season. Kilgrave will be seen in flashbacks, per the Daily Dot. Nonetheless, it has yet to be confirmed.

“Jessica Jones” season 2 is expected to return in early 2018, after Marvel’s “The Defenders” has finished airing its first season. Meanwhile, the show’s previous season is available for online streaming on Netflix.