'Once Upon A Time'
A still from TV series "Once Upon A Time" Once Upon A Time/ Facebook

“Once Upon A Time” season 7 will be the last chapter in the long-running fantasy show. Considering the addition of new characters, the show seemed poised to be on air for more seasons, but executive producer Adam Horowitz has confirmed that this will be the last year viewers get to see their favourite characters.

In a tweet (see below), Horowitz said that the series is about “hope” and “happy endings.” Now, years after the show first started with such excitement, it is finally coming to an end.

Horowitz thanked the cast, crew members, writers and other collaborators for all their hard work over the years. The producer particularly thanked fans for their “fierce loyalty and devotion,” which he said was the “real magic” behind the show. The producer hoped that viewers will join them one last time as they tell new stories.

Executive producer Edward Kitsis stated in an interview with Variety that the show had once been tagged by most critics as the one that would most likely get cancelled. However, the series managed to air 156 episodes, showing how “Once Upon A Time” managed to gain popularity against all odds.

How will the decision to end the series affect the plot? The producers had kept the possibility of not getting renewed while writing the script. Kitsis revealed that they are now pushing through with their Plan B ending for the show. Horowitz added that they are prepared and are currently well into the “end game plan.”

When asked to describe the “Once Upon A Time” season 7 finale in one word, Horowitz said “hopeful.”