The Witcher 3
"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," which was released by CD Projekt Red in 2013, is an open world action RPG. Facebook/The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Apple’s notebooks, especially the MacBook Air, are known more for their portability and sleekness as opposed to gaming capabilities. But with the Nvidia GeForce Now, even playing “The Witcher 3” is made possible.

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s game streaming service and competes directly with the likes of Steam and GOG. Players will theoretically have no need to purchase actual hardware, both in terms of game titles and game platforms. The only things that seem to be required are an Apple or Windows laptop or computer -- though specific models have yet to be announced -- and internet connection of 25 mbps -- although the service can scale down to 10 mbps.

Playing “The Witcher 3” on even the simplest MacBook Air went virtually without a hitch, as Engadget reported. There is no significant lag felt between the physical and digital movement of the mouse, and the graphics are better than what would be expected on a MacBook Air. This is impressive considering that the Projekt Red title is arguably one of the most graphically advanced games currently available.

Watch the launch trailer of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood And Wine"

As Trusted Reviews has reported, however, the game streaming service does have its own setbacks and is nowhere near perfect. While the graphics are impressive, they are only impressive in context of what GeForce Now is -- it does not come near actually playing “The Witcher 3” on a proper gaming platform. However, the product still is in its infancy stages and Nvidia is likely to continue to improve on the same.

Nvidia GeForce Now will have its early access in March and will have 100 games in its roster by that time. An additional 50 games are scheduled to be added after every month, with a focus on AAA titles. Upon launch, the first eight hours of GTX 1060 gameplay or four hours of GTX 1080 gameplay will be free. Afterwhich, US$25 will be charged for every 20 hours of GTX 1060 playtime or 10 hours of GTX 1080 playtime.

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