The Nun
A poster of "The Nun" film. The Conjuring Universe/ Twitter

Three new videos with additional footage from the upcoming horror film “The Nun” have been released online. The videos tease the scary scenes from the abbey in Romania, where Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) encounters evil.

The main villain in the film is the demon Valak from “The Conjuring” films. The upcoming movie is a spin-off and a prequel that takes the main characters to an abbey in Romania.

Father Burke (Demian Bichir) and Sister Irene have been sent by the Vatican to a cloistered abbey in Romania to investigate a death. A young nun has taken her own life there, and the place is haunted by a demonic presence that has taken the form of a nun.

Three new videos that have been posted on tease some of the scary scenes in the film. All the scenes involve the demon known as Valak.

The first video is a familiar scene from the previously released trailers of the film. Sister Irene can be seen walking down a dark passage when Valak attacks her out of nowhere.

The second video shows Father Burke confronting Valak, who is accompanied by a group of demons or ghosts who also take the form of nuns. The priest uses fire that forms the shape of the cross as defence against the malevolent force.

The third video titled “Don’t stop praying” shows a group of scared nuns surrounding Sister Irene and praying. The young nun, who is yet to take her final vows, is asked to continue to pray no matter what she hears or sees. Valak appears to kill all the nuns surrounding Sister Irene in one single blow in this scene, but this could just be a illusion the demon creates to scare Sister Irene.

“The Nun” is set to be released on Sept. 6 in Australia. The film has been directed by Corin Hardy.