Thursday brought a shock to the National Rugby League when it came under fire for an alleged match-fixing. Two games both lost by Manly Sea Eagles last year are in the centre of the investigations.

Up to six players are under investigation by the NSW organised crime squad for allegedly being paid $50,000 to drop the match and lose, according to the Daily Telegraph.

2015 Manly Sea Eagle coach doesn't have a clue

Last year’s Manly coach Geoff Toovey has released a statement that should any of his former players be found guilty, it would come as a shock for him.

“I would never have thought anything untoward was happening when I was coaching the team,” Toovey said, as reported by Yahoo! Sports. "I have never suspected anything.”

Former brothel owner Eddie Hayson, who was reported to be the person who provided $700,000 to fix the match, was contacted by the Daily Telegraph. Hayson denied the alleged match-fixing and any wrongdoing for that matter.

What the NRL boss had to say

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg reacted to the possibility of a fixed match by saying that he won’t hesitate to put a life ban on players who are going to be found guilty after the investigation. If the investigations found the alleged NRL match-fixing to be real, Greenberg will “take whatever action is necessary” to make sure that the sport is played with integrity.

Round 13 team list and schedule

The Manly Sea Eagles are scheduled to battle against the Canberra Raiders on Friday evening at the GIO Stadium. The full Round 13 team list is available here. The referees of Round 13 will be Jared Maxwell, Adam Gee, Brett Suttor and Jason Walsh.