Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017
The Nokia 3310 is seen in an office in London, Britain February 24, 2017. Picture taken February 24, 2017. Reuters/Eddie Keogh

World’s smallest smartphone, Jelly, could soon be coming to the smartphone market, and it is meant for those who do not like big, bulky smartphones. It’s small, it’s powerful and reportedly better than Nokia 3310. Moreover, it looks absolutely stunning.

The craze for Nokia 3310 has already proved that there is still place for nostalgia, and that everyone does not want those bulky blocks of technology in their hands. Bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to smartphones. The 3310 will be released later this year and are expected to fly off the shelves when released. However, the smartphone has its limitations and cannot be used in Australia long-term due to it requiring a 2G network. However, Jelly does not have such limitations, and will soon fill the market demand for smaller smartphones.

The mini-sized smartphone will come packed with features and run on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, the latest Android operating system. A Kickstarter campaign is currently raising funds for the device. The phone is said to be capable of delivering internet connectivity over a 4G network. The smartphone will surely go into production as the AU$40,000 goal has already been reached. The smartphone has been backed by AU$293,126 in funds, and this likely to increase with 33 days left for the campaign to end.

While the Jelly handset will offer 8GB of internal storage, the Jelly Pro will offer 16GB of storage. However, the storage capacity could be increased using a microSD card up to 32GB. Both the models will have a 2.45-inch display and also a 950 mAh replaceable battery. The battery will reportedly provide three days working time and seven days standby. Other key features include GPS, gyroscope and dual-SIM. On the camera front, Jelly will have an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP selfie camera.

Developers of this mini smartphone have already produced test samples and believe that they will be able to make the phone available sometime in August. The Kickstarter campaign will offer Jelly for AU$106 and Jelly Pro for AU$127. In addition, there will also be package deals where two or three devices will be available for AU$185. The Jelly comes with 1GB of RAM, while the Pro variant has 2GB of RAM. The smartphone looks tiny bit it surely packs a punch.

“Choosing the mini-sized Jelly doesn’t mean compromising on your favorite Apps either. Using the latest Android operating system, Jelly can run virtually any App from the Google Play store. Whether you want to play games or chat with friends, go ahead and fill Jelly with all your essential Apps and enjoy the convenience and reliability that you would expect from any phone,” reads the Kickstarter description.

Source: YouTube/Unbox Therapy