No Man's Sky
"No Man's Sky" managing director Sean Murray clears up PS4 framerate issues with the game. No Man's Sky official website

Fans of Hello Games’ upcoming title “No Man’s Sky” may be in for a disappointment. It appears as though the promised launch date this June will not be met

Sources have told Kotaku that the space exploration title may be delayed by at least a month or two from original launch. The sources were unnamed but dubbed reliable, though one is reportedly connected with GameStop.

Based on the report, the marketing materials for “No Man’s Sky” had an original June 21 release date. But the developer appears to have been instructed to change it to “Coming Soon” instead. A sample of the altered marketing material can be seen in the link above.

Hello Games has not yet given any announcements as to whether “No Man’s Sky” will really be delayed. But even with the yet-unconfirmed change, fans are already reacting to the possibility.

Over at Reddit, there is already a discussion on why this was happening, and reactions are not all that pretty, bringing up memes of delays and desperation. Some have a been a little more mellow. Though there is still a sense of wondering on why the delay took too close to the release date, with no official word yet from the developer.

“Should the game be gong GOLD in a week… seems like if it was going to be delayed they would have known way before this. But, who knows…”

Some Reddit users were sharp-eyed enough to realize that Hello Games’ Sean Murray has even unpinned the June 21 release date announcement on his Twitter account.

Others are speculating why Hello Games has been silent about it. One Reddit user did point out that, since a delay in the released date will not be well-received, they have to be cautious about who they will break the news, if indeed true.

Another Reddit thread was created by one supposed manager at a GameStop branch. The Reddit user Catalyst09 had since then edited his thread several times, the latest of which included an image of a marketing that had the same image as Kotaku’s source.

“This image is indeed printed as an instruction in the book, but there has been no further communication on GameStop emails, memos, anything. The release date in the computer is still 6/21. I will still advise you guys to wait for official news, so that we may hold onto hope for only a little while longer,” said Reddit user Catalyst09.