No Man's Sky 0908
"No Man's Sky" Day zero patch is out. Hello Games

When “No Man’s Sky” finally launched on the PC after a delay, it did so with a bevy of problems. Despite being the most awaited game on all platforms, what should have been an enjoyable port on the PC is now receiving a lot of negative attention on Steam.

As such, developer Hello Games has started to address fan concerns. The developer has already responded with a post on a number of incidents, including updates on the support page for common issues, tickets for those who have mailed support, and updates to players who may be a step or two out of sync with the minimum required specs.

“We’re pulling an all nighter to get through as many issues as soon as possible. Please try to be nice,” said the developer in the Steam post.

Hello Games has already identified the top three issues based on player feedback. These include:

  • Running the game with an Intel card. This is not supported
  • No Man’s Sky is an OpenGL 4.5 game, and requires latest drivers on most cards, please update
  • VC++ Redist 2010 was not included by default. We have updated in a patch, please restart

Kotaku previously reported that some of the notable issues for “No Man’s Sky” PC include hitching, the lack of functionality for the FOV sliders and the inability to switch from the game to another application in the PC.

A couple of player on Steam have also voiced a few of their issues, the most prominent of which is game crashing.

“Like many thousands of other customers who bought this game, it immediately crashes at the opening splash screen. And like many thousands of other users, my PC is far above min specs, has all of the correct drivers and packages installed, and it seems the developer is blaming the customers for this incredibly botched launch,” said one Neves_Meid on Steam.

One other Steam reviewer pointed to the fact that the graphics are not as good, particularly because of the filter. Dipping FPS is also an issue, with one reviewer noting that it can run as low as 10FPS for above minimum requirement specs.

For now, Hello Games is hard at work with a patch, which will hopefully roll out to appease the fan base.