Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer
The new trailer shows off the powers of the new Pokemon and Alolan forms, as well as a glimpse of the Team Skull members. Pokemon

The most recent string of leaks was correct in the Pokemon that it had revealed for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The Pokemon Company has released the newest trailer, which introduces some of the new Pokemon, new Alola Forms and the members of Team Skull.

Seen below, fans are treated to the likes of Wishiwashi, who at a certain level gets a school form transformation with a more unbelievable attack. Pyukumuku shows off its Innards Out ability. Morelull’s ability lets out spores to make its opponent sleep.

Also shown off in the new “Pokemon Sun and Moon” trailer are the members of Team Skull. The Team Skull Grunts look like lower level members—they don’t even have names and are just called “Grunt A” and “Grunt B.”

There’s Plumeria, who was recently shown off in the leaked images. She acts like the big sister wo saves the grunts when they’re in trouble. And finally, there’s the bug boss of Team Skull, Guzma. He has a very gangster-troublemaker look, complete with a very big bling, a tattoo on his left arm and trash talk against Kukui.

The official “Pokemon Sun and Moon" website presents a few more details about the gang. Guzma is said to be the type to go into battle with no reserve or mercy. In his dialogue, he hinted that he was one of those who “never could become captains,” and references this to Kukui as well.

Even though Plumeria saves the runts from trouble, funnily enough, she also keeps them in check. And that can mean packing them a wallop if they deserve it. The two male and female Grunts have matching Skull tanks and bling—but they really seem to be at the bottom of the food chain, since they even have to take care of their own Team Skull wardrobe.

Finally, fans can see the Alola forms of Meowth, Raichu and Marowak in action. Those who will be using Raichu may want to have the Electric Terrain active, because that doubles the Alolan Raichu’s speed.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" New Pokemon, Alola forms and Team Skull trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)