“Minecraft” has been in almost every imaginable platform, except for the Wii U. Players on the platform have strongly felt this absence, but this will now be remedied by Nintendo. The company has announced that “Minecraft” will now be out on the Wii U.

Just today, Majong announced that “Minecraft” Wii U Edition will be getting a worldwide release on Dec. 17. The game will be available on the Wii U eShop in U.S. for US$ 29.99 (approx. AU$ 42).

Just like the other platform, “Minecraft” will come to Nintendo’s Wii U with a great amount of add-on packs. The game package includes popular TV shows and movies characters from “Star Wars,” “Dr. Who” and “The Simpsons.” The most popular six DLC packs are also included in this edition.

“We’ll be adding more content packs to Wii U Edition in the near future (Wa-hoo!), and updating the core game with free updates, just like our other platforms,” said Mojang over its official blog.

Playing the game with the Nintendo’s hybrid Wii U GamePad’s 6.2 inch screen is fun. The company also confirmed the Wii U version of “Minecraft” will support off-TV play, so players can continue their game even if somebody uses the TV. “Minecraft: Wii U Edition” will also support four-player split-screen with up to eight players online on high resolution TVs.

The price bump can be a concern and Mojang has explained that the game package will get you the game with add-on packs Battle & Beasts 1 & 2 Skin Packs, City Texture Pack, Natural Texture Pack, Festive Mash-up Pack and Fantasy Texture Pack. Nintendo has announced that they are working with Mojang on bringing new content in future and company will sell 16 add-on packs on the launch.

The Verge also reported that, “Minecraft” will be launching on a number of new devices in future. The company is working on a launch for platforms like Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

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Some unexpected Minecraft news! (Credit: YouTube/TeamMojang)