With improved gameplay and a highly creative approach to the story found in the “Trauma” series, “Trauma Team” is re-releasing today. This will be a treat for “Trauma Team” fans, as the games from this series are kind of hard to find.

An extension of “Trauma” franchise, the game will let players choose from six different doctors, each of whom will have unique specialties. Additionally, the six creative gameplay modes enable players to play as a general surgeon, EMT, orthopedic surgeon, diagnostician, forensic examiner or endoscope technician. What makes “Trauma Team” more special is the level of engagement it offers and the way it lets the player perform tasks in a creative workplace drama.

Developed by Atlus, “Trauma Team” surgery simulator was released in 2010, Polygon reported. “Trauma Team” is the first third-party title releasing on the Wii Virtual Console for Wii U as well. It is the fifth game in the Trauma Center series. The game will hit the Wii U eShop today, and will be retailing for US$ 19.99 (approx. AU$ 28).

Inspired by Japanese comics and animated movies, the game brings medical action experience in a variety of chapters. It means that players will have a lot of things to do as the game brings so many activities to keep them engaged into various activities.

From reviewing patient cases to deciding on the most suitable course of treatment for each patient, players can try their hands on multiple medical actions.The gameplay requires the player to suture, scalpel, and set bones or perform any of the other medical actions to save lives. Players can put themselves in any role as the game is more balanced and realistic with hand-drawn art, high quality voice, realistic visuals and animation that give a real sense of medical world with selectable difficulty levels and exciting rewards.

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Trauma Team Trailer (Credit: YouTube/AtlusUSA)