Nintendo Switch
Nintendo's new game console Switch is pictured after its presentation ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, January 13, 2017. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The Nintendo Switch is launching into the market in less than two months, and the Japanese gaming company is starting to feel the pressure. But by welcoming a new console into its roster, the company is also letting of another -- the Wii U.

In a recent update made to the Nintendo website, it was confirmed that production of the Wii U would end locally in Japan. Prior to the update, rumours were already circulating that executives were weighing out the pros and cons of discontinuing its current generation console. It now seems as if individuals should grab the device as it might be their last chance.

The current generation from Nintendo was arguably not a successful device, especially when compared to its predecessor. According Engadget, the original Wii sold upwards of 101 million units, but despite more than four years in the market, the Wii U has not reached 14 million in sales. And with the Nintendo Switch about to make its official launch into the market, the company is cutting losses where it can.

The popularity of the Nintendo Switch is undeniable, as various online retailers have been sold out of the unit for quite a while. This is likely one reason why the Japanese gaming company has opted to stop production of the Wii U, as it will allow manufacturing to focus its upcoming console instead. Furthermore, the company is under a lot of pressure to deliver shipments following the shortage of the NES Classic Edition.

The Nintendo Switch has been at the forefront of tech media for a while now. The console was first announced via a teaser trailer in October and has now been viewed almost 26 million times. With that video alone, the device already held the public’s attention, but there were still so many questions about what it could do and what it was capable of.

Then the Nintendo Switch Presentation went on air, where the company showcased exactly what the unit could do, and how it could morph from one mode to the other. The event only rallied the public even more, but its price was a slight disappointment. Moreover, the company just recently released the official specs of the console.

The Nintendo Switch is available for pre-order here and will be available in the market beginning March 3. It is priced at $470 and will launch alongside the much awaited “Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.”

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