Marshawn Lynch
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) walks back to the locker room following the first half of a 26-0 victory against the Chicago Bears at CenturyLink Field. Reuters/ Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders need an answer from Marshawn Lynch to decide on their next steps. That includes deciding on whether they should move on and look for another running back or not.

With the 2017 NFL Draft happening next week, the Raiders may find themselves in a precarious situation when it comes to who they should select. The Oakland Raiders own eight picks in the coming draft, kicking off at the 24th position, reported. One of the team’s main needs is a running back and this is one reason why Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie is a bit concerned.

If Marshawn Lynch holds true to his word in hooking up with the Raiders, the decision addresses the personnel needed for that position. It allows McKenzie to skim through other prospects and fill in other key spots like the linebacker and cornerback slots.

Marshawn Lynch trade talks involving the Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks have simmered down as of late. McKenzie said they are still interested in getting the retired running back to the fold.

While the decision to set a deadline for Lynch makes sense, McKenzie curiously claims that the decision does not impact their moves for the 2017 NFL Draft. If not, why set a deadline?

It could be tied up to a previous visit by Lynch to Oakland last April 5 which coach Jack Del Rio said was part of the process of getting to know the veteran running back better, ESPN reported. Further, Del Rio seemed convinced that Lynch was excited to return. Could this hold true for the Raiders general manager too?

But the best explanation seen by critics right now is the impact it will have in the decision-making process of the Raiders come NFL Draft Day. The running back position is very critical right now with Latavius Murray gone. To date, Oakland only has Taiwan Jones, DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard representing the depth chart.

The compensation package could be one causing the delay. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders were only willing to pay one-third of the US$9 million (approximately AU$11,930,011) that the Seahawks would pay him if he played next season. It is possible that Lynch could be doing the math considering he stands to lose more than half of what he should be getting from Seattle.

Despite claiming that they want an answer soon, McKenzie didn’t give a specific date. But the best bet is that a decision needs to be rendered by Lynch before April 27, the day the 2017 NFL Draft kicks off.