Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) leaves the game with an injury during the second half of an NFL game against the Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium. Reuters/ Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo will have a busy schedule in his new career as a colour analyst this coming NFL season. CBS believes the 36-year-old can perform well though most want to see how he will call games when the Dallas Cowboys are playing.

A look at the network listings for the Dallas Cowboys’ coverage shows only two games that will be televised by CBS. The two games will be in November 2017, the first of which is on Nov. 5 when Dallas faces the Kansas City Chiefs. The other is on Thanksgiving Day when the Cowboys face the Los Angeles Chargers reported.

With the long wait, Tony Romo could have ample time to fit into his new role with CBS. He succeeded Phil Simms so there is a bit of pressure on how he will call the Cowboys vs. Chargers match. Right now, the former quarterback has already gotten his share of scrutiny in terms of making an analysis. Could these improve through the course of time?

He will have an 11-game allowance to prove he belongs in the broadcaster’s chair, hoping to live up to the expectations of CBS. He could have some slip-ups though those are issues that are to be expected.

But if his broadcast partner Jim Nantz is to be believed, Romo is doing just fine. The jitters and scrutiny are only normal so the rookie analyst can treat it as a challenge. It will be an odd situation but a reality that Romo and NFL fans will have to deal with moving forward.

Speaking of the NFL schedule, Tony Romo’s fate ultimately affected the efforts of the NFL scheduling team. Most of this went down when Romo was still in NFL trade talks.

According to NFL Senior Director of Broadcast Michael North via NBC Sports, Romo’s decision was closely monitored. Apparently, they wanted to cover the team where Romo would have ended up for national television, thus the delay.

Among the teams linked to Tony Romo include the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos. It didn’t really reach that point with the future NFL Hall of Famer opting for retirement instead.

Now, there is a new issue and it involves what games Tony Romo would call. North stressed that the league doesn’t give any consideration to which broadcasters call games meaning it will be all up to CBS. As mentioned earlier, Romo will make the call from the magnificent broadcast booth of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.