New York Jets
Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) fumbles the ball after being sacked by New York Jets linebacker Corey Lemonier (44) and New York Jets linebacker Jordan Jenkins (48). Reuters/ Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have been quiet so far but all that could change once the 2017 NFL Draft gets underway. The Jets will select 6th in the first round and have six other selections thereafter. With the current pool seen to be lean by critics, would it be wise for general manager Mike Maccagnan to deal for more?

The answer to that could be the needs of the Jets. Past NFL drafts haven’t rendered positives for New York but Maccagnan is not giving up on the probabilities. According to the New York Times, he still believes that more picks offer better chances of landing productive players.

While Maccagnan’s approach makes sense, the question is whether the 2017 NFL Draft is the time to do so. They do have a bunch of picks already so adding more may not be a wise idea. Could he be hoping for a sleeper in the mix to make up for a dismal 5-11 season?

If so, Maccagnan makes it clear that the pressure is pretty much the same as before. They will be looking at all options to fill up the roster with (hopefully) productive picks. Among the positions they could go for include a quarterback, cornerback, safety, edge rusher, tight end or a running back.

From the looks of it, the Jets could be looking to add players to fill up the major spots after purging the roster of expensive talent. But the selection process will be under close watch since the Jets have not really done well in the past.

So far, the Jets have only a handful of picks to brag about. One includes lineman Leonard Williams, the Jets most valuable player at this point. The first round pick could follow in Williams' footsteps, making the later rounds interesting.

Last year, he did gamble on Christian Hackenberg but the move backfired. Hackenberg was hardly a factor so this is one issue that Maccagnan may want to avoid. They do have a chance to select a quarterback at the sixth position and that pick could be Nate Peterman who could be better at the position than Josh McCown moving forward.

If not, the Jets could opt other positions. Interesting players to take in include running back Christian McCaffrey, cornerback Adoree’ Jackson or even Ethan Pocic based on the mock draft by The Jet Press.

Maccagnan admits not drafting based on need since it allegedly skews the evaluation process. Looking at the Jets thus far, all that could change in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft LIVE kicks off at 10:00 a.m. AEST with live stream available via WatchESPN (Australia).