Tekken 7
"Tekken 7" will feature new characters for the roster, including one Kazumi Mishima. tekken-official.jp

The upcoming “Tekken 7” has recently featured a new gameplay video showing characters Kazumi and Lee going head-to-head. Whereas Lee is no stranger to the “Tekken” franchise and its fans, Kazumi, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the series. Most notable about the new trailer is how it showcases each character’s Rage Art moves. A new feature introduced in the series, Rage Art is a type of move which boasts more powerful attacks.

Though the gameplay trailer sees Lee ultimately winning all three rounds, it’s the third round that shows both his and Kazumi’s Rage Art attacks. Kazumi is the first to show her Rage Art, but unfortunately for her, this was dodged by her opponent. In response, Lee pulls out his own Rage Art move, finishing Kazumi off by throwing a dagger-like rose to the head before it explodes, transitioning the sequence to the conclusion of the battle.

Lee and Kazumi make for an interesting match-up, especially considering their respective backgrounds. Though Lee is one of the most familiar “Tekken” characters to fans of the franchise (as he has appeared in every major “Tekken” title since the very beginning, sans “Tekken 3”) while Kazumi is a fresh face to the series, both characters’ stories intertwine due to their histories. As Game Rant reports, Kazumi’s surname is Mishima, implying that she is the wife of Heihachi and the mother of Kazuya, thus making her the grandmother of “Tekken” poster boy, Jin Kazama. On the other hand, Lee is the adopted son of Heihachi, which shows that the connection between both featured characters in the new trailer is much closer than it seems.

Previous other “Tekken” gameplay trailers have shown several other characters going up against each other. These would include Josie versus Panda, Jin versus Xiaoyu, Shaheen versus Lars and even King versus Heihachi. “Tekken 7” is slated to be released this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will see the return of other beloved characters and also features new faces to the series. However, it recently lost Roger the Kangaroo due to protests from animal activists. Instead, two characters from other games — such as the “Street Fighter” franchise, for example — will be making an appearance in the title as guest characters for the roster. Watch the new gameplay trailer below:

Source: YouTube/BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe