Klaus Launches January 19th on PS4. PlayStation

The 2D puzzle platformer from La Cosa Entertainment has been dated for an exclusive PS4 launch on Jan. 19. The single-player puzzle platformer “Klaus” includes 34 levels in six worlds and over 100 rooms to explore. The game features two playable characters, endless arcade mode, boss battles, 41 Trophies and other collectibles.

Developer LaCosa Entertainment announced via the PlayStation blog that the team has been working hard to bring “Klaus” in time for the first month of 2016. It is priced at US$20 (approx. AU$29). A PlayStation Vita version of “Klaus” is already in works but the developer has not confirmed the release date as of yet.

The official website of “Klaus” states the game will be available for other platforms too. The developer is planning to release the game for other platforms in 2016. PS4 touchpad mechanic integral to gameplay, is used to interact with the environment, solve puzzles and complete challenges.

The gameplay story of “Klaus” is about an office worker who wakes up in a never seen before place without a clue of where he is. He finds the word “Klaus” written on his arm as the only clue. Players have two character choices for the game and they are forced to escape the constructive and mechanical world. Players will be accompanied by K1, a friendly little guy that puts the player in challenging situations.

One of the most interesting facts about the game is the use of an emotional angle. Whenever a player picks up all the collectible pieces of world, they gain memory which has nothing to do with game challenges. However, this memory will reportedly connect players with the emotional narrative. The developer of “Klaus” promises beautiful artwork, challenging gameplay and incredibly hard to solve puzzles.

“KLAUS” is inspired by the the classic games “Super Meat Boy” and “Megaman.” The game combines the two hyper-precise classics with an emotional narrative similar to the multi platformer “Limbo” and “Thomas Was Alone.”

KLAUS - Launch Trailer | PS4 ( Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)