New ‘Paper Mario’-Inspired ‘Steven Universe’ Mobile RPG Available Now

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While mobile games based on popular cartoons are nothing new, it seems that the new “Steven Universe” mobile game could be considered a standout. “Attack the Light – Steven Universe” is a mobile RPG, which takes a good number of its cues from the ever-popular “Paper Mario” games while also poking fun at some of the RPG archetypes.

“Attack the Light,” much like “Paper Mario,” has a combat system that is based on timing, which Pocket Gamer appreciates. While building up stats and levelling up is important, like in most games of the RPG genre, it’s clear that “Attack the Light” is more reliant on how one’s timing works with the battles.

One unique aspect of the game has to do with the show’s premise. Since the lead character Steven has no powers in the show or in the game, it’s up to his guardians – Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl – to protect him from harm. While Steven is only level one in the game, the Crystal Gems are leveled at 9001, which should bring a smile to the face of any “Dragon Ball Z” fan.

The game can be considered a lightweight RPG, as there are no villages and the game is mostly reliant on combat, but that doesn’t appear to be a problem to the critics. Touch Arcade marveled at the game, giving it five stars, and Kotaku has called the game an excellent licenced title.

“Steven Universe” is currently one of the more popular shows from Cartoon Network. Created by “Adventure Time” storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, the show has grown in popularity, thanks to the show’s fun humour and interesting concept involving three immortal magic women having to protect Steven while also training him to be a hero.

Boom Studios also have the licence to make comic books for “Steven Universe,” which shows just how popular the animated series has gotten. Boom also publishes other comics for Cartoon Network like “Adventure Time” and “Regular Show.”

“Attack the Light – Steven Universe” is currently available for iOS for $2.99. There is reportedly no in-app purchases, so the game is a complete experience in itself and is available now.

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Steven Universe - Attack the Light (Official Trailer) (Credit: YouTube/The World of Steven Universe)

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