Xbox One The Witness
"The Witness" is coming to Xbox One in September. Xbox Wire

Xbox One players can enjoy a new game via the Backward Compatibility service and another coming in September.

Major Nelson announced via his Twitter account that “Call of Duty 2” is already out as a backward compatible game with Xbox One. “Call of Duty 2” has been one of the more touted games in the franchise, thanks to its multiplayer replayability, missions and an overall stunning experience.

Just this month alone, Microsoft has revealed six more games in its backwards compatible list. These include “Bomberman Battlefest,” “Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon,” “Mr. DRILLER Online,” “NEW RALLY-X,” “Shank 2” and “NIN2-JUMP.”

Next month, “The Witness” will also debut on the Xbox One. Thekla President and Game Creator Jonathan Blow announced via the Xbox Wire that his exploration and puzzler title is finally landing on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

According to Blow, there has been a number of requests for the game on the Xbox One. And it will finally be available on Sept. 13.

“In the process of releasing ‘The Witness,’ we’ve learned a lot about the way people play it. Some blaze through puzzles and finish the game in 25-30 hours; some people take their time really investigating details, and spend over 100 hours exploring, finding new things the whole time,” said Blow via Xbox Wire.

One of the best ways to play the game, however, is to play it with a friend. It appears that players who have already explored the game in this fashion can enjoy the game as a multiplayer experience.

“The Witness” is a game that’s meant to stimulate players’ minds. Though Blow admits that there are forums and online videos that can help solve the puzzle for those who get stuck. Of course, this should be used with discretion, as it can take away a huge deal from the game.