Chinese esports powerhouse Newbee has a new Dota 2 team in its roster, which consists of semi-seasoned and veteran players. Twitter/Newbee

Chinese esports powerhouse Newbee has unveiled its newest team for the Newbee Boss roster. The members include seasoned veterans, a pro from a master league and the entire crew’s boss, which makes this new group definitely one to watch out for.

The newly added team consists of five members -- “xiao8" Ning, Luo “Ferrari_430" Feichi, Bi “Axx” Xia, Wong “ChuaN” Hock and Wang “Zei9" Yue. Members of the community have dubbed the Newbee Boss as a “troll team” that is just out to have fun. Kotaku has even reported that actual members of Newbee have said the same. But with a lineup as heavy as the one presented, it will be difficult for other teams to relax.

Both xiao8 and Ferrari_430 have won international competitions with the original Newbee team and Invictus Gaming respectively. Moreover, there is ChuaN, who was also part of the 2012 win of Invictus Gaming with Ferrari_430 as a support player. Axx, on the other hand, is a pro from the CDEC Master League and has quite the Chinese following online. Despite her relatively unknown playing in the West, Axx has a Matchmaking Rank of over 7,000 and carried more than her weight at the first outing of Newbee Boss at the "Dota 2" Asia Championship qualifier. In an industry that is predominantly male, Axx has been a breath of fresh air.

There are little known facts about Zei9, who's the leader of Newbee Boss. As Esports Yahoo has reported, however, it is believed that Zei9 is the son of a Chinese billionaire. Talk of his talent, at this point, has been based more on speculation than actual play. But as the publication stated, he is likely to be a notable support player given the nature of his team members.

Newbee Boss managed to place ahead of a number of known groups at the Asia Championships 2017 China Qualifier, including EHOME, but did not rank at the highest. However, the previous Newbee team ranked worse in 2014 before winning that year’s TI a few months later. With a comeback history like that and one of the original players on its roster, the group is likely going to continue to make waves.

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