North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Guides the Multiple-Rocket Launching Drill of Women's Sub-units Under KPA Unit 851
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un receives applause as he guides the multiple-rocket launching drill of women's sub-units under KPA Unit 851, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) April 24, 2014. Reuters/North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

North Korea's policy of sending 'honeytrap' girls to lure important foreigners and get impregnated by them is now exposed. Recent reports revealed that North Korea has a secret 'seed bearing programme', which trains female agents to seduce important dignitaries to blackmail them for it later.

The revelations are made in a recently released book, titled 'Dear Leader', written by Jang Jin-sung. The author was a state poet under the South Korean pseudonym Kim Kyong-min, who used his literature generate sympathy for North Korea. He was defected in 2004. In 2011, he reportedly started a 'New Focus International', which aims to report factual news stories without any North Korean control or restriction.

According to details given by Telegraph, the book has revealed the modus operandi of the 'seed bearing programme'. It disclosed that an important foreign dignitary visiting North Korea would be sent an attractive consort who will work as either his translator or assistant. He would then start to develop close relations with his female companion, only to discover few months later that their relationship borne a child in North Korea.

"These men are specifically targeted because of their value to the North," says Jang in his book. "Politicians are good because they have a lot of influence, wealthy businessmen can provide economic benefits and religious figures can give them money through their charities."

The policy is allegedly the brainchild of Kim Jong-il, the father of present-day North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Apart from blackmailing the dignitaries, the children borne out of such relations are also trained to work as spies. Their mixed facial features allegedly help them blend in other countries.

As reported by Mirror, these children are brought up with immense loyalty towards the North Korean regime inculcated in their minds. Their health is reportedly monitored by Office 915 of the Party and Party's Organisation and Guidance Department.

Jang even claims in his book that he had come across someone who is the product of such policy. One of his a female classmate, named Ri Hyun-suk, had confided in him that she has a Japanese father who even visits her sometime. Jang has emphasised in the book that such a policy is still in place and many foreign dignitaries are blackmailed till date.

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