Netflix' documentary series 'Making a Murderer' featuring the infamous Steven Avery Netflix/ TNN

Netflix’s recently released original doco-series ‘Making a Murderer’ has birthed international outrage at the United States legal system and its treatment of accused murderer Steven Avery.

A petition, which started on and has almost 300, 000 signatures and counting, beseeches the US court system to issue a pardon for Avery, citing the countless legal injustices he has faced.

The Netflix series starts with Avery’s first imprisonment after being accused of allegedly assaulting Penny Beernsten, which he was exonerated of after spending 18 years in jail when DNA testing proved his innocence.

After being released, Avery goes on to file a suit against the Manitowoc County for his first imprisonment, when he is charged again, this time leading to life imprisonment sentence. The show follows the long legal battle that was rife with conspiracy and allegedly inappropriate investigative techniques that seemed to frame Avery for the 2003 murder of photographer, Teresa Hablaach.

The 10-part series has become infamous and has had real world repercussions, with many outraged fans of the shows now garnering unparalleled support to free Avery.

Shows makers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi have since come forward with an interview with America’s ‘Today’ show, claiming that since the series has found infamy, one of the jurors who convicted Avery of murder has said that most of the jury had believed Avery was innocent. The juror also alleged that the Manitowoc County police had planted evidence, but that they did not acquit him for fear of their own personal safety.

A second petition on has over 85, 000 signatures, again calling upon President Obama to take action in the case of Steven Avery.

Ken Kratz, the prosecutor in Avery’s case, believes that many crucial parts of the trial were left out of the series.

“Steven Avery committed this murder...Steven Avery is exactly where he needs to be,” Kratz told the New York Times.