The NES Classic Edition is a miniature remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985. YouTube/Nintendo

The NES Classic Edition is quickly becoming one of the hottest tech items of the year. But while the console was successful in answering a need for retro gaming, it came with one very frustrating issue -- a short-wired controller.

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The strongest appeal points of the NES Classic Edition is that it allows older players to relive their pasts, as well as introduce a simpler time to younger generations. Nintendo successfully released the device, which sold out within minutes of its sale. However, while the company did make necessary upgrades to graphics and connectivity, it still left out a rather important one.

Depending on the retailer’s deal, the NES Mini comes with either one or two wired controllers. It is a definite throwback to previous setups, but it just does not sit well with the larger and brighter television screens of today. Some gamers have opted to purchase extension wires to relieve the problem. However, there is also the option to make the NES controllers wireless with 8Bitdo's Retro Receiver.

The latest edition of the Retro Receiver is compatible for the NES Mini, which allows players to connect their controllers to the console via Bluetooth. The payoff is that individuals will need to use controllers that are already Bluetooth-compatible, which the bundled NES Controller is not. But the company that produces the adaptor also has this covered.

For those that prefer the look of the NES controller, 8Bitdo has packaged a lookalike with the adaptor. The controller is visually very similar to the classic, but has four buttons instead of two. This approach is more modern, especially for those who are used to playing on a PlayStation 4.

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The Retro Receiver adaptor, however, is also compatible with any controller that can connect via Bluetooth. Therefore, players can still use their PS4 controller or event the Wiimote while they play via the NES Classic Edition. The adaptor and its controller is available for pre-order for US$40 (AU$54).