NES Mini
The NES Classic Edition is a miniature version of the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. YouTube/Nintendo

The NES Classic Edition was sold out on Amazon minutes after the online retailer placed the console for sale, and it was the same for various other physical and digital stores. But there are other key places to check for the Nintendo release -- it just comes with a price.

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The revamped 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System was selling for just US$60 (AU$80). But because of its popularity, lucky individuals who were able to purchase the device are selling the units for more than three times the price. Likewise, there are some stores that have bundled up the NES Classic Edition to jack up the price.

As of this writing, eBay AU still has stocks of the console, but that depends on how much an interested buyer is willing to spend. Some owners are reselling their NES Classic Edition devices for as much as US$200 (AU$270). And even if one is willing to spend more, there is the added obstacle of keeping an eye on the item in fear of being outbid.

Chunk Toys also has the NES Classic Edition on sale. However, the online retailer added an additional controller and is therefore offering a two player bundle. And while the price is a whopping US$499.99 (AU$535), there is the security that the purchased device will be as good as new without any plausible tampering.

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Best Buy’s website confirms that it no longer has any stock of the NES Classic Edition to ship out, but also notes that some “may be available in stores.” Target has taken down the page for the console completely. The device has also sold out at Walmart. Among all physical stores, the Nintendo Store in New York is likely to be the first place where the unit will be restocked.