There will be a new "Need for Speed" game coming in November titled "Need for Speed Payback." Ghost Games will take on the development side, with Electronic Arts still the publisher of the popular IP.

"Need for Speed Payback" was recently revealed, providing gamers a glimpse of things to come. An official trailer has been shown. Gamers get to choose from three playable characters tasked to take down a cartel of cops and criminals from a fictional location named "Fortune Valley."

The pegged November release comes in the nick of time as the racing franchise turns 23 this August. Based on the trailer for the upcoming game, it seems like a cross between "Grand Theft Auto" and "Fast and the Furious," Forbes reports. The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise since most were unsure if a new instalment in the "Need for Speed" franchise would come. To shed more light on that, IGN sat down with creative director William Ho for more details on what to expect from "Payback."

In the interview, Ho explained that the long wait allowed them to communicate with fans and help them come up with a new gaming experience over a short-term development cycle. He added how he analyzed the original "Need for Speed," stressing how it focuses more on authentic car culture, deep customisation and racing.

With "Payback," Ho revealed that the focus shifted from racing to action driving, the key difference gamers should expect this November. While these changes should be something, folks who get the chance to see the sequel can expect some familiar scenarios such as the glamorous lights in the casino district and other landmarks. "Need for Speed Payback" will feature a 24-hour day/night cycle, meaning gamers will be treated to a stellar game culture which Ho promises will be broader and deeper.

While the single-player campaign for "Payback" is obvious, Ho held back on the multiplayer mode. In the interview with IGN, he promised to get into detail on that later on, and instead mentioned that Autolog will get proper treatment to recommend the best time to play and stand out during races, missions and other activities. "Need for Speed Payback" is set to come out on November 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.