“Need For Speed” has received a new free update this week for the Xbox One and PS4. The new update, Legends introduces 15 new events, achievements/trophies, customization options, collectibles, a REP cap raise and more.

Electronic Arts has listened to community feedback and the developer has made various improvements in gameplay and the phone system. The official “Need for Speed” website announced that the new Legends update allows users to mute phone calls entirely. In addition, “Need For Speed” Legends update is bringing more content for free.

The new update brings back Eddie, a character from the past. Those who have played “NFS: Underground” may be pretty familiar with the legendary rival, Eddie. Eddie is calling all the street racers of Ventura Bay. He is organising a knock-out series to find the best racer among all. Racers can join and race against each other, and the one who wins against Eddie will be eligible to unlock Eddie’s own Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec as a prize.

According to Kotaku, the new “NFS” Legends update has made the game better and more powerful by addressing various problems such as system stuttering, frequent phone calls and rubberbanding during the gameplay. Along with these fixes, the Legends update is bringing six new vehicles with a total of 113 new customisation items that include brake disks, calipers and rotor mods.

Electronic Arts has also added more than 20 pre-set wraps from Underground, Pro Street and Most Wanted. The Legends update includes a bundle of more than 200 decals in “Need For Speed” to keep the cars looking refined.

Players will have to find 12 new donor cars get 12 new donor cars that will be hidden somewhere around Ventura Bay and players will have to find them. Each of these donor cars offer unique customization opportunities. Additionally, 10 new Urbex Spots are located across the Ventura Bay. These Urbex Spots can include statues, graffiti murals and other interesting details players may have missed while driving around the city.

The maximum REP cap for “Need For Speed” is also raised from level 60 to level 70. The Legends update for “Need For Speed” brings 19 new music tracks that include tracks from earlier NFS titles as well.

“Need For Speed” is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC release for the game is scheduled for 2016. Finally, the update also includes improvements to AI, system stability and various bug fixes.

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Need for Speed Legends Update (Credit: YouTube/Need for Speed)