NBA2K19 Player Ratings revealed! Who has highest score so far?

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NBA 2K19
LeBron James is the cover athlete of NBA 2K19. Twitter/ NBA 2K

The “NBA 2K19” release date is fast approaching and with it comes the much talked about player ratings. So far 2K Sports has dropped the figures for some of the top players in the league. Some seemed underrated, while some were higher than expected. So who has the highest “NBA 2K19” rating? Read on to find out.

The top basketball simulation video game is set to drop in stores on September 11 and the whole basketball world is already talking about the numbers. For fans, their favorite players’ numbers should be good enough so they can continue dominating the game online.

For NBA players though, the ratings are considered bragging rights. If they don’t like what they see, expect them to voice it out on social media.

To hype up anticipation for the game, developers have already dropped a few ratings online, including what could be the highest one of all active players. Here’s a list of "NBA 2K19" ratings revealed online so far:

LeBron James - 98 Overall Rating

There’s no wonder why LeBron James has what probably is the highest 2K19 rating for any active player in the league. He came off a stellar season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, bringing the team to their fourth straight Finals appearance but eventually losing to the Golden State Warriors. He was a runner up MVP, losing to James Harden (but having better numbers than The Beard). He is “NBA 2K19’s” cover athlete. And most importantly, he made another decision — moving to Los Angeles to revive the Lakers.

Nonetheless, some still think 98 is too high for The King, with such figures only deserving of legends like Michael Jordan. Let’s not go into a debate of who is the best of all time. LeBron is definitely in the discussion, but until he retires, it’s yet to see if LBJ has indeed trumped MJ already.

Is LeBron’s 98 2K rating too high? We’ll find out as when he kicks off his 16th NBA season on October.

Jayson Tatum - 87 Overall Rating

This may only be Tatum’s second 2K appearance but his numbers are not to be doubted. The rook is balling!

The Duke standout and third overall pick didn’t disappoint in his first year. Without Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving, the 20-year-old helped push his team through the Playoffs and to an Eastern Conference Finals appearance. While they eventually lost Game 7 to LeBron’s Cavs, Jayson cemented his position in the league as one to look out for.

DeMar DeRozan - 89 Overall Rating

DeMar maybe getting the shorter end of the stick with his rating. Fans were quick to notice how low the four-time NBA All-Star’s rating is, considering that he is dubbed as one of the best Raptor to ever play.

However, it isn't his 2K rating that has had people talking, but his surprise trade to the San Antonio Spurs. While it came as a shock to fans and DeRozan himself, with a new team he can prove that 89 is not what he’s about.

Kawhi Leonard - 94 Overall Rating

The newest Raptor has a rating of 94. While fans have mixed reactions to his numbers, it’s worth noting that Kawhi only played nine games last season and was absent throughout the post season.

It’s hard to figure out if his rating is more than what he should be getting. However, basing from his 2016-17 regular and post season performance, he was impressive. Being one year removed from the league though, whether he can perform at his best still remains to be seen.

Donovan Mitchell - 87 Overall Rating

Who is the real Rookie of the Year? The debate may never end. But one thing’s for sure, Donovan Mitchell was a revelation in his first year. Without Hayward to carry the team, the Utah Jazz relied heavily on the rookie to carry them through the season and most importantly, the playoffs.

The guard averaged 20.5 points-per-game during the season, but stepped on it in the postseason with 24.5 points, 5.9 rebonds, 4.2 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. Definitely deserving of an 87 (even higher) in our opinion.

Ben Simmons - 87 Overall Rating

The Rookie of the Year had an impressive (not-so) first year in the league, helping the Philadelphia 76ers barge into the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the first time in the last eternity.

While his rookie status was put to question, his statistics and skill were never in doubt. The former number one pick put up big boy numbers with 15.8 points, 8.2 assists, and 8.1 rebounds per game. Can they push past the postseason semifinals now that LeBron is in the West? That is to be proved.

DeMarcus Cousins - 90 Overall Rating

DeMarcus was a crucial peg in New Orleans Pelicans’ playoff run. While yes, he missed the postseason, his impressive showing in the regular season together with big man, Anthony Davis, was enough to get them to the playoffs and then to the conference semifinals.

While he’s still out with an injury, the newest Warrior is expected to perform well when he returns on court. He’ll be an important part of the Dub’s nth championship run.