Markieff Morris
The Toronto Raptors are rumoured to have interests in trading for Phoenix Suns forwards PJ Tucker and Markieff Morris. Reuters/Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors are rumoured to be looking for an upgrade at their wing position amid a winning campaign in the Eastern Conference, with speculations that they may trade for Phoenix Suns forwards Markieff Morris and PJ Tucker.

The Raptors are currently second in the East and just two games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 34-16 record. However, the Raptors are not planning to stand pat as second fiddle behind the Cavs as the team is rumoured to be actively looking for a quality wing with DeMarre Carroll still sidelined.

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In ESPN’s Marc Stein series of tweets last week, he revealed that the Raptors are interested in trading for the Suns' Morris and PJ Tucker.

Tucker was originally drafted by the Raptors in the second round of the 2006 NBA draft, but was waived after less than a year of his stint with the team. After spending five years playing in Europe, Tucker returned to the NBA in 2012 to play for the Suns, where he has become a key rotation in former head coach Jeff Hornacek's playbook.

Meanwhile, Morris has been continuously linked to trade rumours ever since his twin brother Marcus was traded to the Detroit Pistons in the offseason. The disgruntled forward has since then requested the Suns for a trade, but Phoenix has not struck any deal involving Morris yet.

According to Michael Hoad of Sportsnet, it is possible that the Raptors acquire both Suns players, making a more versatile frontcourt lineup. In Hoad’s trade scenario, the Raptors could acquire Tucker and Morris by sending the Suns one or two draft picks, along with Patrick Patterson and Delon Wright.

The Suns have completely fallen out of contention in the Western Conference after star point guard Eric Bledsoe suffered a season-ending injury. This puts Phoenix in a position where they are forced to make changes as soon as the free agency hits in summer.

Receiving two draft picks, a young talent in Wright, and Patterson’s cap-friendly contract could be the starter pack for the Suns to kick-off their instant rebuild mode. However, there could probably be more deals available for the Suns aside from the Raptors’ potential proposal.