Kobe Bryant
Former NBA star Kobe Bryant, CEO of Kobe Inc, speaks at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Los Angeles Lakers president Jeanie Buss was able to thwart the planned coup of her brothers Jim and Johnny Buss and solidify her control over the multi-titled franchise last February. Jim Buss had his chance to rebuild the Lakers, but everyone knows how unsuccessful it was.

There is no assurance for now that Jeanie Buss will do better. However, the new faces helping her manage the embattled Lakers ballclub could show more promise than the Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak partnership. Earvin "Magic" Johnson is on board as president, aided by the former agent of Kobe Bryant, Rob Pelinka, as new Lakers general manager.

Kobe Bryant following too?

Kobe Bryant could be the next man in the mix, though it remains unclear what capacity he will be holding. He spent some time with Jeanie Buss in February. Buss even posted a picture of her meeting with Bryant on Twitter.

Bryant has expressed interest in helping out the Lakers but only to a certain extent. There is no update for now if that February meeting will result in Kobe holding a front office job.

Jim Buss almost aced with Kobe shares

Speaking of Kobe Bryant, the retired Lakers star was offered a minority stake last year by Jim Buss. It was seen as a potential cash grab for Jim, similar to what the late Jerry Buss did for Johnson years back, ESPN reported.

There were lots of loopholes seen with that move. However, there could have been repercussions had that materialized. Had Jim Buss succeeded in giving Bryant the minority shares, such could come into play when it comes to power and control over the Lakers.

Was it all about the money?

Money and power is seen as the root cause of all, something tied up to the coup against Jeanie Buss. In February, Jim and Johnny Buss sent a notice about a shareholders meeting that included an election for a new board of directors. The notice would eventually be rescinded, thus the meeting was canceled.

Kobe Bryant would have been a pawn in the mix, even if it was only minority stakes. A lot has changed since then and such has not tarnished the relationship of Kobe and Jeanie Buss.

While being offered a new stake is not remote from happening, such is expected to draw in criticism, but not on the side of Jim and Johnny Buss. The bottom line is that Kobe has not shown that much interest other than to extend aid at a certain capacity to rebuild the Los Angeles Lakers.