Magic Johnson
Former NBA basketball player Earvin Magic Johnson poses at the premiere of the movie "The Legend of Tarzan" in Hollywood, California. Reuters/ Danny Moloshok

The Los Angeles Lakers go back to the drawing board, embarking on a search for the team’s new franchise player. With most assets already present, team president Earvin “Magic” Johnson points out the need to reel in a new superstar this coming NBA offseason.

While some may call the plan of Johnson as bold, the fact is that the Lakers have been trying to do that for quite some time now. Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak tried but failed so Johnson may have to do something to get it done.

To date, at least two players have been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers. They are Paul George of the Indiana Pacers and Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. Both have contrasting relationships with their mother teams, adding a bit of color this summer.

Paul George is interested

The Indiana Pacers are doing everything in their power to keep the all-star forward. Team president Larry Bird wants to prove to the small forward that the Pacers can be competitive with additional help.

They did make the NBA playoffs but find themselves down 0-2 against the powerhouse Cleveland Cavaliers. George called out his teammates after the game 2 loss, particularly Myles Turner and last-minute recruit Lance Stephenson, reported.

George wanted Stephenson to do a better job controlling his emotions and focus. Most know the antics Stephenson carries and it seems that such has become more of a distraction to their cause.

With regards to Myles Turner, George wanted more out of the second-year center in controlling the boards and becoming useful down low. George may have a point as they head into game 3 with heavy odds of turning the series around.

Jimmy Butler showing up big time

The case is a bit different for Jimmy Butler. His name has been mentioned in NBA trade talk in the past but the Chicago Bulls may want to reconsider. He is a prime reason why the Bulls are up 2-0 over the top-seeded Boston Celtics so eventually dealing him may be shunned.

For the Lakers, it could be one of the two. George had expressed interest in going to Hollywood in 2018, making him a heavy favorite to be the next Lakers franchise player, Lakers Nation reported. A lot will depend on how the Pacers fare in the NBA playoffs, a bit bleak unless Indiana can find a way to start winning.