D'Angelo Russell trade, Lonzo Ball
Feb 23, 2017; Tempe, AZ, USA; UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball (2) celebrates with UCLA Bruins forward Ike Anigbogu (13) during the first half against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Wells-Fargo Arena. USA TODAY Sports / Joe Camporeale

Lonzo Ball is one of the top players expected to be selected in the 2017 NBA Draft so shoe deals are not far behind. The problem is no major shoe company was interested in making the kicks for the incoming rookie, largely in part due to the meddling of Lonzo’s dad – LaVar Ball.

For those following the basketball world, LaVar Ball has already established a reputation. Sadly it is not the one that most would endure with the elder Ball bragging about his son and making outrageous demands. With no major company able to work with the Balls, LaVar decided to put up his own shoe brand – Big Baller Brand.

The first shoe line under the brand was recently revealed with the Lonzo Ball ZO2 shoe line. The main shoe line was crafted for Lonzo with hopes that it will help reel in profit from the shoe market. That is normally the case for most shoe brands on the condition that they are reasonably priced.

In the case of the Lonzo Ball ZO2, skeptics believe that it will have a hard time selling. The retail price to get one has been set at an outrageous US$495 (AU$670). Details and images of the new kicks can be seen at the company’s official website.

The Lonzo Ball ZO2 features a low-top cut and an Ortholight insole for maximum comfort. For the sneakerheads, hearing about that is only to be expected but branding still stands tall. Big Baller Brand is a startup so aiming high this early with ridiculous priced shoes is a big gamble.

But for those who already find the US$495 (AU$670) price tag on the Lonzo Ball ZO2 as steep, there is one even more expensive. This is the Lonzo Ball-autographed pair in the “Wet” color scheme which costs US$995 (AU$1,345) a pop. Aside from the two shoes, there are sandals for US$200 (AU$270) to consider though it seems a bit overpriced as well, ESPN reported. With those crazy prices, most are questioning what market class LaVar Ball is targeting – assuming he factored that in before the final suggested retail price.

LaVar Ball is understandably proud and confident on what his son brings to the game but has gone a bit overboard. His son is expected to be among the top picks in the 2017 NBA Draft but expectations are getting higher each time he tries to boast about his son.

For Lonzo’s sake, here is hoping he does not get roasted and prove to everyone that he is that good in the pros. The 2017 NBA Draft takes place on June 22, 2017.