Vince Carter
Eastern Conference star Toronto Raptors' Vince Carter is chased by L.A. Lakers' Kobe Bryant during the NBA All-Star Game at The Arena in Oakland. Reuters/ Lou Dematteis

The oldest player in the NBA, Vince Carter, is not ready to call it a career. Perhaps already proving that he has gone beyond the normal length of playing in the pro league, the slam-dunking forward wants to play two more years at most.

With the Memphis Grizzlies, Carter did show that he can still keep in step. Carter is actually doing double-duty, mentoring the young Memphis players while he is at it, according to Real GM. Hence, a logical move would see the Grizzlies re-signing him though he is likely to get a minimum deal.

Carter will have an interesting NBA free agency 2017

As most know, a lot of players are headed into NBA free agency 2017 looking for new rich deals. There are big names like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Gordon Hayward entertaining pitches. Carter may not be among the top names and all he wants is to play, caring less about how much money he will get.

Aside from Memphis, teams who would consider “Vinsantiy” will likely to want what he is currently doing. While he can still give quality minutes, Carter will do some coaching on the side. With plenty of teams filled with young players, potential landing spots could include the Toronto Raptors.

They do have a promising core led by DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry so Carter could help fine-tune the forwards in the mix. Also, it would be a fitting last ride to the 40-year-old swingman since it is the same team where he started his NBA career.

Lakers, Magic, Nets or Sixers could grant Carter’s wish

Several teams who missed the NBA playoffs could try and look for a cost-friendly veteran like Carter. The Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers are comprised of promising players though mentoring is a need.

Vince Carter’s chances of landing with any of these teams may be uncertain but make sense if his dual role with the Grizzlies gains notice. It may not be a starting role but will at least keep him in the league for now.

Vince Carter best ends his career in Memphis

Some may call it crazy but Carter’s stock is not similar to what it used to be. Hence, Memphis is still the best bet for him to play on – if the Grizzlies are open to it.

Carter’s future will hinge on other factors. One is the 2017 NBA Draft and then free agency. If there is a roster spot available, he will likely be re-signed.

If he is left out before the start of the 2017-18 NBA season, Carter could simply wait and see. He is a reliable player that can come off the bench, a practice other teams are applying right now.

Carter could come in midway or even near the end of next season, added insurance for playoff runs by title-hungry teams. Hence, he may get the chance to play on but expect his games and playing time to dwindle considerably.