Lonzo Ball, Los Angeles Lakers
June 23, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Newly drafted Los Angeles Lakers player Lonzo Ball (center) poses with basketball operations president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka during his introductory press conference at Toyota Sports Center. USA TODAY Sports / Gary A. Vasquez

With the 2017 NBA Draft over and done with, most rookies are eager to see how they will fit in with their new pro ball clubs. Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox will find that out soon, each hoping to continue the same success they showed during their college playing days.

A lot of that should be seen in the NBA Summer League before the top picks officially play their first NBA game. Tied up to that would be their stats for NBA 2K18, something that could either be favorable or disappointing.

The thing here is that the incoming rookies are aware of the potential ratings they stand to get. Some may end up overstating it, a move that could end up making them looks silly or vindicated. For Lonzo Ball, he feels a safe bet is getting an 80 rating on NBA 2K18. This comes close to what Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers got last year (79) only that the latter was the top pick. Despite being the second overall pick (by the Los Angeles Lakers), it wouldn’t hurt for Ball to speculate unless his father (LaVar) gets into the picture.

Another guard who had his moments of being taken in at no. 1 is De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings. Known for being fast, he could get an initially low rating before it gets jacked up into the 90s, Forbes reported.

For the rest, it is anyone’s guess. The 2K development team will likely factor in lots of things which would include consideration to how they performed at the NBA Draft Combine. The Summer League may play a factor as well with the actual rating stabilizing once the rookies actually play an official NBA game.

This year’s NBA draft was a pretty deep one, meaning the rating game for NBA 2K18 will be a tricky one. Aside from their skills, there is the durability factor that could set in.

Speaking of Ball, there is the question of his offense. While he is likely to prosper in other departments like assists, his unorthodox shooting could be something to watch out for. Critics believe that it is an unusual shot that can be easy to block and most know how those factor in on NBA 2K.

Most of the new rookies have special skills and that is likely to overwhelm the rest of the stats they will get for NBA 2K18. Depending on their performance as a pro, that could either go up or down on occasion via regular updates made by 2K Sports.