NBA 2K17: Special Black History Month jerseys and courts now available

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NBA 2K17, Black History Month
LeBron James in a special 'Black History Month' jersey NBA 2K17 screengrab

February is Black History Month in the United States and a NBA 2K17 gamer has created special jerseys and courts to commemorate the month-long celebration of the heritage and contributions of African-Americans. While 2K Sports hasn't released anything official, these custom-made jerseys can be downloaded from the NBA 2K17 community.

PlayStation users can download the special jerseys for their MyTeam, MyGM and MyLeague squads by looking up the user 'franchiseplay99'. According to one Reddit user, there are other special BHM community uploads also available for download. XBox users, too, can search 'Black History Month' within the uploads section.

NBA 2K17: Create your own special BHM jerseys

Gamers also have the option of creating their own jerseys and courts using the creation suite. There is also the option of uploading a photograph of an African-American legend such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Muhammad Ali before improvising on a jersey or a court. As Forbes points out, sky is the limit for gamers who plan to be creative with their creations.

"NBA 2K17 offers a team creation suite that is unrivalled in any sports video game franchise. From uploading logos to cycling through a bevy of fonts and more, you can literally create just about any uniform. As a bonus, you can also share your creations with the NBA 2K community," wrote Brian Mazique, who also shared his own creation on the uploads page.

NBA 2K17 is currently the second-fastest selling sports video game title behind EA Sports' FIFA 17. According to Game Spot, the title has already sold nearly seven million copies and is primed to become 2K's highest-selling sports game ever. Within four months of its release, NBA 2K17 has already outsold its predecessor, NBA 2K16, by over 10 percent, per the report. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates on NBA 2K17.

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