'Narcos' season 3 spoilers
Actor Pedro Pascal as DEA agent Javier Peña in the Netflix original series 'Narcos.' Facebook/Narcos

“Narcos” season 3 is currently under production and it won’t be long before the American crime thriller drama hits screens, which is expected to be in August or September 2017. Due to the increasing popularity of the show, two new seasons have been announced. The series delves into the life and crimes of Pablo Escobar (Juan Murcia), a Colombian drug lord, who becomes a billionaire through production and distribution of cocaine.

The section below contains spoilers. Read only if you want to know what's going to happen in “Narcos” season 3 before the show arrives autumn 2017.

Actor Pedro Pascal (Javier Peña, “Narcos”) was recently reported as giving fans a sneak peak of what to expect in the Netflix hit’s third season. Per the actor “people keep doing cocaine” even after the Dec. 2, 1993 death of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. It should be difficult to reason from his statement that cocaine will have a major role in the series’ upcoming season, leading to plenty more content.

“We go after the [California] cartel, people know a lot less about the Cali cartel, including myself,” the 41-year-old Chile-born actor said of “Narcos” season 3 at the Jimmy Kimmel live show last Wednesday. “I’m like, 'Really! This is amazing!'” he added, according to Daily Mail.

Pascal further told Kimmel that the Cali Cartel will be seen heading out west to take over drug lord Pablo Escobar’s eclipsed drug empires. “They took over Miami after Pablo was killed and they already owned New York so there’s a lot -- there’s a lot of cocaine in season three!” Pascal revealed of the third season.

The interview continued with host Jimmy Kimmel asking “Narcos” DEA agent Javier Peña what according to him Colombians could think about the show and its contents, given it’s shot entirely in South America. “I think that if they watch it, they're pleasantly surprised,” was Pascal’s thoughtful reply. “Because the country is very beautifully represented, because it is a beautiful county,” he adds.

The “Mentalist” star further said that he had on several occasions admitted to curious locals what is being filmed. “They're like, ‘We're over it!’” Pascal excitedly told Kimmel. “The people that do see it, they love and respect it,” he added.

Netflix is yet to announce when “Narcos” season 3 hits the streaming service. Meanwhile “Narcos” season 1 and season 2 are available on Netfix for online streaming. Actor Pedro Pascal will be seen in the upcoming American-Chinese movie “The Great Wall” alongside Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon.