Rachel Khoo
My Kitchen Rules' Colin Fassnidge, Rachel Khoo and Dee and Tim twitter.com/rkhooks

“My Kitchen Rules” sent the diva-ish Dee and her timid husband Tim packing. Dee had never thought twice before criticising others’ dishes, but when it came to surprising everyone with her dishes, she fell flat on face. The season's designated villain had to say goodbye to the show.

The couple were booted from the competition after they failed to impress the judges with their entree and main, though their dessert was admired. Dee and Tim finished with a very low grand total of 32 and combined group score of 11 out of 50 from the other teams. As they were below Carmine and Lauren, they had to be eliminated.

Everything went wrong for the Sydney-based couple from the very start. Things started going downward when the couple entered the local Coles to buy ingredients. Dee wasted hours trudging around the supermarket, yelling at Tim, and this made them lose quite a lot of their preparation time.

The two prepared their entree of Spanish lentil soup with chorizo. Dee had a complete meltdown as she thought Tim had ruined the onions and bread dough. The entree looked nice but tasted awful.

“When your dish arrived I was like, ‘Wow.’ This is my sort of food — hearty, peasant-style food. And then I tasted it ... you haven’t even cooked it. Your lentils were under done. Your stock had this overpowering raw onion flavour,” said Colin, who gave the dish a two.

Rachel described it as a “bowl of disappointment” and gave it a three. The duo then quickly headed back to the kitchen for their main: Spanish meatballs with potatoes and spicy tomato sauce. Tim forgot to turn the gas on, which they found out while tasting the meatballs. They were raw. Tim also set fire to the breadcrumbs. Finally, when they served the main, it was grossly undercooked. Both judges scored the main a two, which pretty much meant the end of journey for the couple.

Although both the judges gave their dessert, Spanish crème caramel, a six, it was time for Dee and Tim to pack their bags and leave. Later, Dee defended her relationship with her husband admitting that the “My Kitchen Rules” experience was way harder than it looked from the outside, reports The West Australian.

“We are a very fiery, passionate couple. It has definitely strengthened our relationship. Tim and I have been together for 10 years so we are very close,” Dee said.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Wednesday night at 7.30pm on Seven.