My Kitchen Rules
Dom Perignon Masquerade Party @ The Marquee, The Star. On the left: Oceana Strachan and Brooke Nash Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia Commons

Adelaide couple Carmine and Lauren, aiming to finish the night at 80 points, rolled up their sleeves and started preparing their entree and main, much before the judges had even arrived. However, while viewers are yet to get to know the new couples of group three on “My Kitchen Rules,” young lady Dee has already surprised everybody by being the super-brat of the series.

The 28-year-old Dee, who was present at Carmine and Lauren’s instant restaurant on Tuesday night, managed to criticise anything and everything that came her way. She whined, criticised fiercely and made faces. Lauren lashed out at her fellow contestants for being so strategic after her restaurant tanked on “My Kitchen Rules.”

Nutrition student Lauren and her husband Carmine prepared a three-course Italian menu on Tuesday’s episode but received a below average score of 51 out of 100. Even though judges Rachel Khoo and Colin Fassnidge gave them one out of 10 for the main, Lauren blamed the other teams for giving them a low score that totalled 21 out of 50.

The couple’s entree, zucchini involtini with homemade ricotta, gave the pair a good start, though the judges were not actually “wowed.” Khoo and Fassnidge praised the technical details and the presentation but also said that the zucchini needed more charring. Khoo gave the dish seven and Fassnidge six. Contestant Dee offered her opinion in the negative calling the dish “underwhelming” and “like a salad just with a little crumbed topping.”

However, things turned awry when they presented the main course, which was seafood spaghetti in a bag. Fassnidge openly criticised the couple for ruining such high quality produce and said the seafood was “closer to sushi than it was to being cooked.” Apparently the pasta was overcooked which made the judges say it was a very bad dish.

However, contestant Dee went over the top with her criticisms and even had harsh words for serving the dish late.

“I waited a long time for this. I’m very hungry. Maybe I’m a bit hangry. I hate this dish. This dish belonged in the bin. This dish is just murder,” she said.

At one point, Dee’s criticisms and “making faces” became hilarious as the dessert the couple served was loved by all and “technically spot on,” though Dee felt it tasted like baby food.

“My body was really grateful because I’m starved. But it just didn’t satisfy me. I would say it’s a mediocre dessert,” Dee quipped.

Thus, she proved to snap at everything, which was quite frustrating for the performing couple. Carmine and Lauren finished at the second spot on the leader board behind Eve and Jason. Queensland’s Mike and Tarq will be ready with their dishes tomorrow.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. on Seven.