My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel on their way to Alex and Gareth's Instant Restaurant Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

“My Kitchen Rules” 2016, Episode 24 was a heartbreak for Sydney cops Monique and Sarah and Queensland duo Hazel and Lisa. However, South Australian couple Carmine and Lauren managed to stage a comeback with their entree of saffron cockles and mussels with croutons.

Carmine and Lauren received a group score of 33 out of 50 and finished the night with a total score of 75. Then it was time for the “big twist.” Judges Pete and Manu revealed that they would decide on the teams to be sent home after they have assessed all the team’s improvement since their first instant restaurant. This made every team vulnerable.

Monique and Sarah and Hazel and Lisa were left at the bottom of the table after the judges had revealed the scores and they were shown the door. Alex and Gareth went up nine points. Nev and Kell went up by 15 points. Hazel and Lisa improved only by six points and Monique and Sarah dipped six points.

Thus, strategic scoring by teams in all previous episodes did not prove to be worth it because of the “big twist.” However, fan reactions ranged from good to worst with some absolutely not happy with the twist.

Many thought the twist was the worst ever and some even could not believe if it was a real twist at all.

“Stupidest twist ever...makes the bottom teams wish they had a lesser score in the first round..if it is all about the diff of scores #MKR,” tweeted a “My Kitchen Rules” fan Rebecca Lazar.

Although many viewers were not happy with the twist, some of them were glad to see them go.

Lauren, however, played her cards well, coming out clean with her feelings. She hoped their victory would help her and her husband Carmine gain supporters, especially after her outspoken comments around the table made her the target of trolls on social media.

“My Kitchen Rules” airs Mon-Wed, 7:30 and Sunday and 7 on Channel 7. Wanneroo mother and son Anna and Jordan and Secret Harbour couple Nev and Kell are still in the running for the 2016 title.