My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" 2016 participants tensed just before first Sudden Death Cook off. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

All “My Kitchen Rules” 2016 teams were given the task of preparing food for 200 athletes and trainers at Sydney Olympic Park. Melbourne lawyer Zana and her partner Gianni succumbed to pressure on Wednesday night’s episode of “My Kitchen Rules” 2016. It was specifically Zana who panicked after the duo was not able to plate up anything with 15 minutes remaining of service.

Zana impressed the judges in the instant restaurants rounds but fell behind in her first challenge. They wanted to impress the judges with their dish of “loaded capsicums” with chicken livers and sweet potato chips. However, when the athletes arrived, Zana and Gianni had nothing to offer.

“We’ve hit service and we have no food to serve. This isn’t Gianni and I. We are normally very organised and, knowing we have nothing ready, I’m about to have a breakdown,” said Zana, fighting back tears.

Fortunately, after a pep talk, Zana and Gianni were able to finish their meal. However, the judges were not satisfied at all with the meal though they were impressed with the liver. Judge Pete Evans found fault with the capsicum that was raw and couldn’t be cut. It was not pleasurable to eat. Moreover, the chips they served, looked “sad.”

NSW duo Luciano and Martino too were not able to impress the judges with their dish of veal involtini with spinach and polenta sticks. The judges found the preparation “drab.”

SA couple Carmine and Lauren prepared herbed chicken with roasted vegetable quinoa. Although Laren was totally confident that they are going to nail it, the judges thought otherwise. Pete found the dish to be “below average” and not for his tastebuds. The pumpkin was raw and chicken, burnt and bitter.

They were lucky though. The judges found Luciano and Martino and Zana and Gianni’s preparations weakest. One of the teams will be eliminated after a sudden death round.
WA duo Anna and Jordan’s sweet potato and buckwheat gnocchi with kale pesto received the “athlete’s choice” reward, which makes the two safe for the next two eliminations.

Tuesday night’s episode saw WA’s Nev and Kell being rooted out of the competition.

“My Kitchen Rules” continues Monday night at 7.30pm on Seven.