Mortal Kombat X
Dark Lord Kotal Kahn is now available on "Mortal Kombat X" mobile. NetherRealm Studios

The newest challenge for “Mortal Kombat X” has finally arrived. This time, it’s a new skin for the Outworld’s current Emperor, Dark Lord Kotal Kahn.

As usual, players will be faced with five towers to go through to get to Dark Lord Kotal Kahn. The first three towers are the same as other challenges in “Mortal Kombat X” mobile. The first tower requires all Bronze characters, the second character will require Silver and Bronze characters and the third will require Silver characters.

For the fourth tier, players will need to have a full set of all Gold Spec Ops characters. Now, this may be a challenge to beginner players, especially those who play the game on a freemium run. It does not help Cage characters are required for the final tower. Cage is part of the Spec Ops region.

Is it worth getting Dark Lord Kotal Kahn?

For completionists, Dark Lord Kotal Kahn is worth the challenge. His passive is the Osh-Tekk bodyguard, where he summons an Osh-Tekk warrior to fight in his place after using is Sword Quake special. Dark Lord Kotal Kahn can summon two warriors per battle.

It’s a different spin on Dark Empress Kitana’s passive, which enables her to enslave a defeated opponent to fight in her place. Her passive is only possible once per match as well. Players who have gotten Dark Empress Kitana may benefit from getting Dark Lord Kotal Kahn, if only for the possibility of extending one’s numbers, thanks to the two warriors and possible enslaved fighter from the opposing team.

It also helps that Dark Lord Kotal Kahn has pretty good numbers. His attack and health both start at 980, while Toughness and recovery start at 1,050. However, considering the hurdle of the fourth tier, some beginner players may have to either grind it out or opt to go for an Early Access purchase.

Beginner players: Tips to get more chances for Gold cards

The good news about Gold cards in “Mortal Kombat X” mobile is that NetherRealm Studios has made it a little easier to earn Souls, which is the premium currency for the game.

With the daily objectives alone, players can reap 15 Souls every day for completing all of them. On top of that, players can try their luck at getting the bonus Souls for every log-in. On top of this, the tiers 3 and 5 of the challenge rewards an ample number of Souls as the top prize. Scattered in specific levels per tier are some Souls rewards as well. This goes for both the Normal and Difficult modes.

Finally, the Faction Wars is also a good source of Souls and even Koins, particularly towards the end of the season.