"MInecraft" The Friendly Update is bringing pistons and more to the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition. Mojang

Mojang has just released the “Minecraft 1.10 pre-release 1. Now the developer is teasing some upcoming features, which will debut in the next update, aptly called The Friendly Update.

One of the new things that players can look forward to in “Minecraft” is the arrival of pistons. Dubbed to be the most requested feature from the community, Mojang will deliver the two kinds directly to the games. Over at Xbox Wire, the developer confirmed that both the standard and the sticky pistons will be accessible to players so they can create more buildings and traps.

The catch here is that the feature will be out for the “Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition” and the “Minecraft Pocket Edition.” The update has no mention of when it will arrive on the consoles.

The clip below shows the Rube Goldberg machine, which features the use of Redstone blocks made in the “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta,” complete with pistons. This Rube Goldberg machine will actually be featured for free in the update once it drops.

In a separate update, Mojang has detailed the actual additions that will come with the “Minecraft 0.15 Friendly Update. There is still no launch date available in the developer’s update, but Mojang has confirmed that an Android beta is already ready for signups, so some players can already try the update for themselves.

Some new features named in The Friendly Update include observer blocks, which can detect changes in neighboring bocks, leads, horses and horse armour that can be dyed, fire charges, husk zombies in the desert, skeleton horse traps, stray skeletons in tundras and pig riding.

There will also be Xbox Live Achievements on iOS and Android as well as online multiplayer for Xbox Live friends. Mojang is also introducing a new UI for the main menu, which is shared with the Windows 10 Edition. There are also a couple of tweaks and bug fixes, and some teased mysteries that fans can check out for themselves in the beta.

"Minecraft 0.15" The Friendly Update (Credit: YouTube/TeamMojang)