Mirror's Edge Catalyst
"Mirror's Edge Catalyst" will be out on June 7. EA DICE

With just a day left before its launch, “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:” fans are treated to some of the trophies and achievements that can be won in the game. And while first impressions have mixed reactions, the game is also experiencing some bumps with the PC version.

Game Revolution reported that the PC version was rougher and has poor optimisation issues when compared to its predecessor. Frame drops were commonly seen scattered while playing the game. The drops would go as far as 42 FPS even with the settings on max.

The source did cite that a full 60 FPS is possible, but at the cost of turning down the texture settings to low. While this is a quick solution, it is not a good one, especially for those who went into “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” expecting a photorealistic quality experience.

Still, as with any game, the developer can still roll out some patches. A day one patch or even a subsequent patch for fixes may do the trick. Fans on the Xbox One can try out the game before its launch tomorrow, June 7. It is already live on EA Access as a free trial worth 16.21GB, as reported by some NeoGAF users.

Free trial already available for Xbox One

The free trial is only up to six hours’ worth of play. Gamers who take advantage of this will be able to explore 10missions within two city districts. For the most part, impressions of critics have been polarised. Destructoid points out that the storyline is not the best, so players who are looking to enjoy narrative may not necessarily get their fill out of “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,” even if it’s supposed to be the revelation of Faith’s origins.

Gameplay-wise, free-running is where the game gets the credit. It sticks to what works best for the franchise. And the “free” portion of the game goes into giving players the option of discovering their own pace and playstyle in going through the game.

List of ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ trophies outed

Before the game is officially, players may want to check out the trophies that they can get in “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.” There are a total of 50 trophies listed over at PSN Profiles. As usual, the platinum Ultra Rare Platinum trophy requires unlocking all of the other trophies in the game.

There are three Gold trophies, where players will need to purchase all of Faith’s upgrades, completing the Dashes in the game with a 3-star rating and collecting every gridLeak in Glass. Silver trophies require finding documents in Glass, completing all side missions, purchasing half of the upgrades, finding all secret hidden bags and executing free-run commands.

The full list of trophies can be seen in the link above.