GTA Online
GTA Online was released on 17 September. rockstargames

It's hard to believe, but it looks like Rockstar's best-selling game "Grand Theft Auto V" is going to keep getting bigger and bigger. The long-awaited heist missions for the online multiplayer mode has been confirmed, and now Gamespot reports that there might be more single player-based DLC coming in the near future.

Shawn Fonteno, the actor who plays one of the lead characters of "Grand Theft Auto V" Franklin, confirmed on the Youtube show "Jack Thriller" that he is finishing voice work for the upcoming downloadable content of the game. He also stressed that it was the first in his list to finish up, though he did not give or confirm a release date.

While there has not been any official confirmation from either Rockstar or Take Two, the company did state back in 2013 that the lead characters of GTA V would have their stories expanded upon on downloadable content that was supposed to come out this year. "We have big plans for substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin, and Trevor's action, mayhem, and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas."

It is unknown if the rumoured DLC will have new gameplay features that were not originally in the game or if it will still be available to last generation consoles. Rockstar did state last week that last-gen players will still be getting online heists next year, along with regular online updates that the next-gen gamers will be receiving.

"Grand Theft Auto V" is actually the eighth game of the critically acclaimed franchise, garnering praise upon release and was one of the best-selling games of 2013 managing to ship 13 million copies and was originally made for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was later re-released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month, which came with a first person camera mode that was exclusive to next-gen consoles. The release was reportedly the second best selling game of November. The game is expected to hit the PC in January with the aforementioned first-person camera mode and a replay editor that is exclusive to PC gamers.

Grand Theft Auto 5 First Person Trailer (Credit: Youtube/IGN)