“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter may be single and ready to mingle. In a slew of Instagram posts in the past week, the 17-year-old actress has been dropping hints that she may have broken up with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette.


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“Time to move forward, time to move on...❤️,” said Winter, as she posted a quote about moving forward by Abraham Maslow. This is the first sign of trouble in paradise, followed quickly by a hint about getting back in the dating scene. The actress posted a photo of herself, as she posed with Santa Claus and two male friends. “This is why I don't do blind dates. I need new wingmen,” she said.


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Perhaps the biggest clue that points to her possible new single status, is a meme she posted on Monday. It shows a scene from Beyonce’s music video for the song “Single Ladies.” She speaks about starting a new chapter and drives the point further by posting a solo photo of herself and saying: “Love doesn't die, it simply evolves. We grow up, we realize what we truly want. I'm excited for this new chapter in my love life- love is all around.. Family, friends, pizza... The old and the new ❤️.”

Winter and Gaudette have been together for two years. The pair met in high school and just as recently as October this year, the actress was gushing about her man, calling him her best friend. In an interview with US Weekly, the actress revealed that she made the first move when she first saw Gaudette.

He is described as a producer, singer and songwriter, and he has been a very visible figure in Winter’s life, often escorting her in red carpet events. No official statement about the pair’s relationship status has been released.

In “Modern Family,” Winter’s character Alex Dunphy, is most definitely single. Her boyfriend Sanjay broke up with her soon after they both went off to college at the start of Season 7. She has since had a rebound relationship with Ruben, her brother Luke’s friend. She decided to break it off and is now single again.

“Modern Family” returns on Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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