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“Major League Baseball: The Show,” better known as “MLB The Show 17,” has a new storyline mode that allows players to choose their career path. This new feature is called Pave Your Path in Road to the Show.

Pave Your Way feature

The new storyline Pave Your Way feature allows players to choose a character and prepare it to walk the Hall of Fame. This is the first time that this feature will be added to the game. It allows players to go above and beyond the scope of just playing within the walls of the stadium. According to the Show’s official website description, players will be taking their character on an epic odyssey inside the world of professional baseball. Players will be able to control the career and write their own stories on and off the field.

This new game feature will also allow players to interact with the coaches, managers, representatives and many more characters. As the players make decisions that can affect the career of the character, it is said that these decisions provide unpredictable outcomes. Therefore, anything will be possible, but nothing will be promised as well.

Shaping the career

According to Polygon, career mode has not been offered in a lot of sports games, which is the best element found in RPG games. It allows players to have the “ultimate role-playing experience for a sports fan. This mode will allow players to go through some kind of character progression -- having a story -- that fans of RPG games are familiar with.

There have already been a number of sports games that have added the career mode feature. This includes Be a Pro in “NHL” and “FIFA” and MyCareer in “NBA 2K.” “MLB The Show 17” is just getting onto the bandwagon of adding a career mode, which may be a good move as it refreshes and adds to the ability of having an entertaining game.

Release date and availability

This game will be released on March 28 and is available for preorder on the game’s official website the Show or on GameStop. With the preorder on the official website, buyers will receive ten standard packs and one Griffey Card in the upcoming game. If it is preordered from the Playstation store, buyers would receive 11,000 stubs for MLB The Show 16. On the other hand, if it is preordered on GameStop, buyers will receive five bonus standard packs. Each preorder costs US$59.99 (AU$78).

“MLB The Show 17” will be available only on the PlayStation.