Tom Cruise
U.S. actor Tom Cruise poses for photographers at a British screening of the film "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" in London, Britain July 25, 2015. Reuters/Neil Hall

A new promo video of “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” has been released online. In the video, lead cast member Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) suggests that the fans should see it on IMAX because of the amazing stunts and visuals in the film, some of which has already been teased in the trailers.

The video released on the YouTube channel of IMAX [see below] shows Cruise promoting the film. The actor said that this is the biggest movie from the franchise so far. “It’s the most epic film,” Cruise said.

The movie has an enormous cast, Cruise said. He added that the problems the heroes face in the film are also huge. The action sequences in the film are also bigger, according to the actor.

While the most attractive quality of the “Mission: Impossible”
films is the action sequences. However, Cruise pointed out that the upcoming film also has a “very personal story.” So, the fans can expect both action and drama in the film.

Cruise promised the fans will be on the edge of their seats and remain there even after the credits of the film roll.

The video has been released specifically to promote IMAX. Cruise said that he and the filmmakers of the Mission: Impossible” franchise have a long history with IMAX, and the upcoming film has been made keeping in mind the audience that goes to these theatres.

Emphasising the need to watch this film in theatres, Cruise explained they have not filmed the action sequences in the movie with a green screen. All the action scenes are real stunts, which the actor pointed out, are dangerous. Cruise himself got injured while performing one of the stunts for the film.

“Mission: Impossible- Fallout” has been directed by Christopher McQuarrie. The film is set to be released on Aug. 2 in Australia.

Credit: IMAX/ YouTube